Friday, September 19, 2014

I've always been intrigued by maps which is probably one reason I first thought of designing a map for my daughter's wedding. Five years and many, many maps later and I still enjoy the research of a city or part of the world in designing a map. Besides wedding maps I've designed vacation maps, moving maps, anniversary maps, hometown maps and even a map for a mystery novel. Here are some samples:

wedding map in Ireland

family vacation map

anniversary map

wedding map in Newport, RI

wedding map in South Beach, Miami

Birthday Map

wedding map in Cape Code

wedding map in Washington D.C.

map for novel "In the After"

destination wedding in Grand Cayman
wedding map in Baltimore, MD
map for Harmony House Cafe in Muskogee, OK

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Happy Birthday, Meg!

Happy Birthday Megan! Thirty one years ago today I became a first time mom, this year my firstborn became a new mother. It must be one of the most special years of her life. I remember all the joys, fears, doubts and instant love of becoming a mom for the first time. I didn't do everything right but always tried my best and am so thankful for the woman you have become! You are a joy to us and what a remarkable mom you are to Marlowe! Welcome to 31 and welcome to motherhood~the gift that keeps on giving forever! We love you

Megan Elizabeth
September 11, 1983
5:37 am
7 lbs. 13 oz.
St. Luke's Hospital- Kansas City, MO

Monday, July 14, 2014

Oh Boy!

Several weeks ago Emily and Blake, 16 weeks pregnant, were anxiously anticipating finding out the gender of their baby. Megan and I planned a gender reveal lunch around the theme of bumblebees as we have been referring to this baby as Baby B. There was a precise schedule in place for how this would all go down! The ultrasound technician was to seal the gender of their baby in an envelope which they took to Woodward Park. There they met Emily's friend and photographer Mariah. She opened this envelope and chose the appropriate confetti popper to hand them. Emily had purchased cute poppers from Anthropologie, one pair popped pink and gold, the other blue and gold.

Poppers in hand, they closed their eyes and on the count of three popped them to see BLUE and gold confetti spray out! 

Photos above courtesy of Mariah Evans

 After their surprise and a short photo shoot Emily texted our friend Cindy who was on call to fill cupcakes with either pink or blue frosting. They then headed to our house for a reveal with our family. Cupcakes were bitten into first, we were surprised to see blue,  our family is predominantly female. So excited to have our first grandson!!! 

This is the start of your sweet little story. The part where your page meets mine. No matter where your tale takes you tomorrow our story will always read LOVE.
via Pinterest

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Hello Summer!

Ahhhhhh time to take a deep breath, unwind, get outside, work in the garden, be barefoot, visit the farmer's market, late evenings on the patio…Hello Summer!

Megan and I wrapped up another school year last week and it felt oh so good. We celebrated by going to the first Utica Square Thursday night concert. We got a great shady spot in the grass under the trees, sipped on vino and nibbled on cheese, bruschetta etc. while listening to the fun band called Mid Life Crisis. We were interrupted for about 10 minutes by a summer rain shower and although our food and blankets got a little soggy- it was a great time! 

Just a couple weeks ago the girls got up early one Saturday morning and drove out to Thunderbird Berry Farm and picked strawberries! This was our first time to pick the strawberries at the farm and they were so tiny but soooo delicious and juicy. It was Marlowe's first berry picking experience- she enjoyed it so much that she fell asleep in her mama's arms. We got home and made Mom's Grandma Redfern's recipe for strawberry preserves and we are pretty sure we would have made Mildred proud- so sweet!

Everything is beginning to bloom and grow in our gardens and my belly! :) I just began my 2nd trimester and am beginning to feel a little better and have some more energy and appetite! We have enjoyed radishes and lots of lettuce from Mom's garden and both of our garden's tomatoes, flower seeds, and basil are growing so fast! Always rewarding to see what you plant and take care of grow and begin to bloom. We have begun our weekly Saturday morning visits to the Cherry Street Farmer's Market. It's so good to be back- see what each vendor brings each week, what flowers will be for sale, listen to the live music, and sit out on the coffee store corner patio and enjoy our breakfast that we pick up along the way as we walk down the market. 

Marlowe is so much fun right now- at 4 1/2 months she is really growing and those luscious rolls are all over her legs and arms- love it! She is smiling, 'talking' to us, rolling onto her back, blowing bubbles from her mouth, and she has really begun to love being outdoors. She likes to look at the pool, waterfall and watch Nestle swim. 

Summer you are so sweet- it's so glad to see you!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Birthday Blooms

Happy Birthday to Emily Jane, wife, daughter, sister, aunt and half of ElizaJane Studio! 
It has always been a privilege to watch you grow and bloom into the woman you are.  I wish for you a carefree day and a beautiful year full of many blessings.  Knowing you as I do I imagine a very good day for you would include being outside, doing something creative, eating something sweet, a nice dinner (preferably al fresco) and flowers!  Here are some blooms for you and the wish that you always know how much you are loved!

Katie Daisy

 Flowers don't worry about how they're going to bloom.
They just open up and turn toward the light
and that makes them beautiful.
~ Jim Carrey