Wednesday, August 14, 2013

tiny dancer

I am thrilled to be an expectant grandmother! Our oldest daughter, Megan, and her husband surprised us in May with the news. No more just grand dogs but now grandchildren! Yesterday was their appointment that revealed whether a future ballerina or basketball player was arriving in January. Megan is a dancer, dance teacher and dance coach and her husband is a basketball coach (hence the previous sentence).

Megan was an event coordinator in her past work and this comes into play often. Yesterday was no exception. She had it planned that the doctor would place the Top Secret information in a sealed envelope which they then carried to a party store in town. The salesclerk was instructed to fill the decorated box (which Megan provided) with either pink or blue balloons then seal it up. They then took this large box to a nearby park where they were met by a photographer friend who graciously agreed to photograph the momentous box opening.

From there Megan phoned her friend, Jessica the pastry chef, who was waiting with pastry bag in hand to pipe either pink or blue filling into chocolate cupcakes. There was a cupcake delivery made at some point and then the future parents arrived at our house ready to reveal to us the big news.

Emily and I had decorated and taken predictions from relatives and had boy and girl gifts ready to be chosen from. As is often my motto we dove into dessert first because naturally we were ready to know!

We have a tiny dancer arriving sometime mid-January!! Following in the dance steps of her mommy...

Some photos from yesterday~

~balloon photographs courtesy of Mariah Evans~