Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Summer visitors

The past month was a time of reunions and visitors to our home. We gathered with my mother's sisters and their children and grandchildren at Pere Marquette Lodge in southern Illinois for a couple of days~a Rolston Reunion. We try to do this every few years and it's always a good time of catching up, games, laughter and food. Cozy cabins and great views of the Mississippi River just across the lawn added to the charm. Next stop was back to St. Louis for a quick brunch with more family then the drive back to Tulsa. The fun wasn't over since my sister and niece and nephew joined us for the week. There was LOTS of swimming (and sadly swimmer's ear), fort building, ice cream eating, and creating that occured.

 Dad with mom's sisters

time out for ice cream

Dad with his grandchildren


 dining room fort - equipped with quilts, pillows, books, cousins, stuffed animals and live dogs

 family fort time!


 let's craft!

 who doesn't love s'mores?

 scavenger hunt clue #1

 even Casco loves a good hunt

 the prize~dirt cups hiding in the garden

 Ellie's fashion show wearing her cousin's old prom dresses - with her "puppy" Finn

 they both play their parts so well - fashion model and faithful dog

sprite popsicles with gummy bears

 "I can swim"....blowing bubbles

 the makings of a....

 refreshing watermelon mojito


 OK Country Donut Shop - butterfly and turtle donuts
~sweet energy before the playground~

making lobster t-shirts

 we ended the week with a girl's morning to the Farmer's Market and sparkly pedicures!

Come back next summer~we miss you already!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Blake and I kicked off Summer with a trip to Seattle at the beginning of June just the two of us. We both had never been to that part of the country and were excited to experience some of the Northwest together. We stayed at the beautiful Edgewater Hotel (which is where the Beattles stayed in the 60s) it offered beautiful views of the Puget Sound and was in a great location. 

We packed a lot in during our stay: Pike Place Market, the 1st Starbucks, Seattle Space Needle, Chihuly Glass Exhibit, road trip to Woodinville Wine Region, wine tasting and picnic at Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery, drove to the charming town of Ballard, ferry ride to Bainbridge Island, Mariners vs. Yankees baseball game, and lots of yummy food to eat! 

 ^ view from top of the needle ^

 ^ delicious brunch at Edgewater overlooking Puget Sound ^

 ^ Chateau Ste. Michelle ^

 ^ this is what all the houses and gardens looked like in Ballard- LOVE! ^

 ^ this is A MUST in Ballard ^

 ^ peanut butter dark chocolate molten cake...i die...^

 ^ one of the only pics of the two of us! -thank you, man on the ferry ^

 ^ Bainbridge Island Marina ^

 ^ view at The Harbour Public House for lunch ^

It was nothing but sunshine and 80 degrees while we there- it was gorgeous! That's all anyone seemed to talk about to us, "what beautiful weather it was", "this is so unusual", "you're so lucky that you get this weather during your visit." 

We loved all the scenery to look at- huge pine trees, Mt. Rainer, ocean views, mountains, ferry boats, flower stands on the streets, and lots of hills. 

Thank you, Seattle for wonderful weather and a great vacation! 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

A beautiful day

Take a beautiful bride...

 A handsome groom...

gorgeous flowers...

 lovely bridesmaids...

 happy, proud parents...

  an adorable flower girl...

a sweet ring bearer...

two little words...

 a special sister/maid of honor...

a hot trolley car...

 a grand entrance...

a first dance as Mr. and Mrs...


a pretty cake to cut...


more singing...


a goodbye...

and a new beginning!

Happy Anniversary!