Monday, June 24, 2013

everythings coming up roses

A couple of weekends ago after we did our Saturday morning ritual of the girls going to the Cherry Street Farmer's Market, we headed to the Tulsa Rose Garden at Woodward Park. The roses were beautiful- a little soaked and weighed down after a week of heavy rain, but the colors were so bright. Roses always remind me of my Grandpa Rex. Whenever we went to St. Louis during the summers when I was little to visit Grandma Jane and Grandpa Rex and thoroughly enjoy their beautiful pool in their backyard, I always remember my Grandpa pruning, watering, and taking care of the rose bushes in their beautiful gardens around the pool. It's fitting because when we go to the Rose Garden we always notice how beautiful the 'Sexy Rexy' rose bush is :)

 ^^ my absolute favorite rose ^^

Have a wonderful first full week of Summer! 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

in full bloom

Right outside our studio window the hydrangeas are in full bloom. The huge blooms are weighing the whole bush down and we try to get out each morning to cut fresh blooms for inside. This year the flowers tend to be more pink than last years blue but we love them all. There is a hydrangea bouquet in almost every room of the house!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Sunday dinners

I grew up like a lot of people with Sundays centered around church, taking a Sunday drive and home for a nice dinner which was usually a roast of some kind. In a way not a lot has changed today except for the drive part. Our typical Sunday is the six of us (daughters and son-in-laws) going to church, having brunch and then everyone goes there own way for most of the day. We always come back together though for what has become our Sunday Soirees! Emily had the idea over a year ago to make our dinner-making more fun by choosing themes each week. While we haven't done this every weekend we've done a fairly good job of sticking to it. 

Doing this has expanded our horizons to new recipes, new techniques and using our imaginations. We have done the expected themes of Italian, tapas, Mexican fiesta, and St. Patty's Day. But the week that school was starting (we have 3 teachers in the family) someone suggested we draw a crayon out of a bag and your food had to be the color you drew. Now that was interesting and luckily Megan, our chocoholic in the group, (ok, we all are) drew the brown crayon. During March Madness we each chose a team from different divisions and made a dish from that city/area. The guys were in charge one week with a baseball theme. Not surprisingly they served us beer, pretzels, queso, and brats. For Martin Luther King weekend we tried our hand at soul food.  Below are some pictures from our Sunday Soirees. It has been fun for all of us to think of new themes and ideas; coming up.... a Maine lobster feast!

Crayon dinner

Football season begins
 cheesehead appetizer
 new orleans gumbo


Election day


Hawaiian luau