Thursday, August 30, 2012


Last night the "dinner club girls" got together for our annual "Pesto Making Party". Armed with bushels of basil from our gardens, pounds of Parm, plenty of pine nuts, gobs of garlic, and oodles of olive oil we spent several hours making batch after batch of delicious pesto to take home. 

There had to be great food and wine to accompany this task and there was no shortage of that either. We spent almost an hour outside deleafing the stalks of basil and maintaining quality control as we talked and the sunlight faded. 

With 2 food processors humming we managed to produce lots of pesto and still couldn't use up all the basil. The kitchen was fragrant with the fresh basil, toasting pine nuts, chopped garlic and grated Parm. Thinking already of all the ways to use the end product!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Sunday soirees

Our familly gathers most every Sunday for dinner. In an effort to add some fun and participation to these meals we decided to have themes for our dinners. This began in early summer and we have managed to concoct quite a few interesting menus. Some of the themes we have used are a luau, Olympics (each person made a dish from a different country), Asian, cold dishes (our protest over the 115 degree heat that wouldn't let up) and most recently we each drew a crayon and our mission was to  make a dish of that color. The girls were thrilled that Megan drew a brown crayon for her dessert dish. Chocolate is a major food group for us.

Each theme has been fun and we have tried some new foods. A few photos of our colorful dinner yesterday:

Em called this a "White Shark" - a white cosmopolitan made with white grapefruit juice - very refreshing!
fried green beans and pickles
grilled Italian sausages with orange peppers and red marinara sauce
roasted purple eggplant and onions - we let this one cook a little too long....
brown chocolate amaretti torte

The guys came up with one of our summer dinner themes- baseball. They also prepared all of the food for this one-pretzels & beer, grilled brats, Frito chili pie and ice cream sandwiches! This fall as it cools off we plan to do a "camp food" theme, mostly prepared over a fire. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

fairy trail

On one of our first summer trips to Breckenridge we discovered a hiking trail which we named "the fairy trail". Some one or several some ones have attached fairies to the trees for hikers like us to discover. It's a beautiful trail with great features in addition to the fairies of waterfalls, wildflowers, a zipline for crossing the stream, stacked stones, towering pine trees, and beaver dams. At the top is a serene mountain lake for fishing, dog swimming or child wading. The trail is perfect for even a 2 1/2 year old little boy to exclaim "me hiking! me no hold hands! me awesome!" My niece even went back to our house and made her own fairy which we added for other hikers to discover. 

Thursday, August 2, 2012


I've heard lately that Tulsa is the new Phoenix, more likely the new Mohave Desert. Like other US cities we are in the midst of a heatwave and drought and setting record temperatures. Plants, trees and lawns are shriveling up and humans are sweating and irritable and the forecast on Weatherbug doesn't look promising. Thank goodness we have the Olympics to watch as we sit motionless on the sofa sipping iced tea!

To get us through these dog days of summer we are dreaming of.......

~a white Christmas
~even a cold front bringing low 90s would make us happy right now
~a pool filled with cool water to float in
~a nice steady rain that would soak the earth for several hours or days
~clouds and a cool breeze
~a refreshing drink to sip on, most likely made with mint, lemon sorbet and champagne
~an early autumn so we could pack away summer clothes and bring out sweaters and boots
~mountain hikes that we took a month ago



What dreadful hot weather we have!  
It keeps me in a continual state of inelegance.  ~Jane Austen