Monday, May 14, 2012

Italy via Dusseldorf

My sister and I just returned from a long planned trip to Italy. All the planning in the world couldn't stop hail from postponing our flight out of Chicago that caused us to miss our connections and take us on another route....through Dusseldorf. It was stressful at the time but we were able to laugh it off later....until upon arrival in Venice our luggage had not made it with us. That is not the news 2 women want to hear after 2 full days of air travel and no change of clothes. But again, we laughed it off....once we found our hotel and had a midnight dinner of pasta. We used our ingenuity to get ready the next morning and make ourselves presentable and even bought a couple of dresses that hopefully Air Berlin will reimburse us for.  None of this could dampen our spirits as we headed out that day to explore Venice. (Our luggage did finally arrive late the next night and we were elated.)

Here are a few of the MANY photos from the first leg of our trip.

 our first meal - I would like to re-eat this!

 the view from our room of the terrace ~ a nice place for breakfast

 and here is breakfast!

 the famous and beautiful Cafe Florian

 some kind of veteran tribute was happening on St. Mark's Square ~
 lots of pomp & circumstance

 view of the Grand Canal

 market day ~ I would love to have bought lots of this

 prugne anyone?

 so many kinds of fresh fish

 a busy day on the canal

 we break for dolci ~ a sweet surprise-a chocolate filling!

 the gondolier uniform

 cute shop display on the canal

 the Rialto Bridge where the market takes place

laundry day

 view from our gondola - right off the bucket list!

 so peaceful

 yellow flowers, pink walls, blue shutters

 on our way to dinner at Ristorante Al Covo

 the square at night

 dueling orchestra at Cafe Florian ~ so beautiful

 mass at St. Mark's Basilica

 gorgeous colors and amazing work

Hotel Florian where we stayed

our rainy departure from Venice via the vaporetto

this is part one of our trip, more to come!

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