Friday, December 2, 2011

Garden Glow

The weekend before Thanksgiving, Blake and I were in the mood to do something festive and get us ready for the holidays that were coming upon us! Blake researched and read about Philbrook Museum's 'Garden Glow' in the newspaper. Having never heard about it and not knowing what to expect we decided to go on Saturday evening. It was a good sign that when we turned down 26th Street the street was lined with cars with people leaving and arriving at the museum! We squeezed into a spot and walked up to a shiny, bright and loud Garden Glow. What a festive treat it was!

We enjoyed the colorful Festival of Trees throughout the main level of the museum. Local artists, elementary students, girl scout troops, etc. decorate a Christmas tree in a unique way that means something special to them. We saw trees adorned in seashells, silver pencils, blown glass, minature girl scout cookie boxes, fabric pinecones, etc. It was so much fun! They had The Grinch Stole Christmas playing in the auditorium so kids could drop in and watch the children of Who-ville try to spread the Christmas joy into the green grinch's heart.

We then moved outside to the beautiful Philbrook gardens to see thousands of holiday lights illuminate the gardens- we even got to walk by the spot that Blake proposed to me almost 3 years ago! Outside la Villa restaurant they had an area where kids could make their own wildlife tree ornaments to give the birds and squirrels a special Christmas treat.

Speaking of treats, we came inside to a hot cup of cocoa that we sipped as we went upstairs to the gingerbread houses!! Just like the Festival of Trees- anyone from around Tulsa can enter a gingerbread house. They all looked so whimsical and delicious!

Before we left, we wanted to take one more peak at the illuminated garden. We were walking out to the balcony and ran into Santa Claus himself! He was listening to what a little girl was hoping to see under her tree on Christmas morning. I wanted so badly to go give him a hug, but Blake said no...
As we were leaving, I called my mom and sister and told them it was a MUST next year, that we all go to Garden Glow together as a family! Just like we hoped, Philbrook's Garden Glow got us into the Christmas spirit! How could Christmas trees, lights, gingerbread houses and hot cocoa not get you ready for this most wonderful time of year?

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