Wednesday, September 28, 2011

maps for you!

Last winter I posted some of the custom maps I have designed and thought I would feature some that are more recent today. I really enjoy the whole process- learning all about the wedding couple and the details of their big day, researching and becoming familiar with the feel of the different locales and then the actual designing, layout, and execution of the map. The custom wedding maps can be purchased on our etsy shop (click on it to your right). I email an information sheet which you fill out, you email it back to me and I get started! The end product is a hand drawn, pen and ink with color custom wedding map for you to frame plus a digital file from which copies can be made.

I have also designed maps for cities and even babies, there are so many possibilities!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hellooooo Autumn!

 Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.
~George Eliot

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

more thoughts on The Creative Connection....

I'll say it again- The Creative Connection was FABULOUS! I feel so blessed that my mom and I were able to attend. It was by far the best thing we have done for our creative journey. Like my mom shared yesterday, we were lucky enough to have the opportunity to have met so many wonderful and inspiring creative women over the weekend that we have looked up to for some time. 

Our day on Thursday had us up before the sun with a flight out of St. Louis. With excitement and some butterflies in our stomach we arrived in chilly, but lovely St. Paul with 700 other women to attend the day's events that were hosted by BlogHer. We attended three breakout sessions that focused on blogs and other social media and how to reach out to the community. The sessions really got us thinking about our blog and how it can be a great platform to share our journey. We want this to be a place that is genuine, cozy, and happy for us and you! Thursday evening's welcome dinner was uplifting and full of hope as we officially began our Creative Connection weekend. Not to mention the goody bag filled with lots of fun surprises!

Friday morning we took Traci Bautista's workshop- Discovering Y.O.U.! She was a great teacher. She led us through a great brainstorming activity where she asked us specific questions as we worked on our inspiration boards. We also enjoyed listening to her journey. She provided us with some good tools and resources that we can refer to as we work on getting ElizaJane off the ground. The afternoon was filled with Charlotte Lyon's textile banner which allowed us to be creative and to make the project our own. The Market opened on Friday afternoon and OH MY GOODNESS- we had to catch our breath as we walked in. It was one beautiful and unique booth after another. Mom and I slowly meandered around the market picking up business cards, admiring their products as well as even making some purchases. TCC served us delicious appetizers and wine Friday evening as all the women browsed the Market and the Autograph Party. Mom and I got up to our hotel room exhausted but feeling like our heads would just burst with all of the information~it was wonderful! We debriefed and fell asleep with dreams of art projects dancing in our heads.
market goodies

We were really looking forward to the breakfast panel & knew it would probably be a highlight of our trip, but it sill managed to exceed our expectations. The panelists were Janine Vangool, Kelly Rae Roberts, Karen Wolrand, Melody Ross, Leigh Standley, and Susan Branch. The moderator (Nancy Soriano) asked them questions about themselves and  their businesses, the nuts & bolts of getting started, how they deal with success as well as failure, balance, how will they take what they have gained from TCC and how will it carry them through until we meet again. All of the women have such a way with words- they were so quotable! There were even a few stories or comments that brought tears to the eyes. I think there is something to be said about  700 women in one room that share a common gene- we are creative- we are striving to be a creative artist whether it is through painting, collage, sewing, photography, food, etc. 

After breakfast it was off to Cook's of Crocus Hill where we were treated to an English Garden Tea hosted by Carolyn Robb and Sarah Champier, two lovely English ladies that were employed by the British Royal Household- yes, they cooked and arranged flowers for Lady Diana! They were charming and fun and told great stories as they cooked scones, clementine curd and Prince William's favorite chocolate frig cake and arranged gorgeous roses, sunflowers and anemones into one of a kind arrangements. 

Carolyn and Sarah of Tastebud (cook and floral arranger = Tastebud)

 Prince William's Chocolate Frig Cake on the right
Sarah sporting a teacup fascinator she had made

wreath adorned with roses, pepperberries, sunflowers, clementines and curd

We ended our day at a class called "Creating Fabulous Parties" with TomKat Studios. We had a party challenge to come up with a theme at our tables and put together our party in 30 minutes, lots of fun! 

Creative Connection 2011 came to a close Saturday evening with a Cupcake Farewell; a sweet way to end a weekend that we will never forget!!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Creative Connection...aaaamazing!

We just returned from St. Paul where we attended The Creative Connection. It was creative girl heaven! It's hard to put into words how wonderful this gathering of women was. The two of us were sponges soaking up lots of great information and skills but even more importantly we took away stories that inspired us, touched our hearts and "connected" with us. We especially enjoyed the keynote speakers that included Holly Becker and Cristina Ferrare ("Cristina's Big Bowl of Love" on the OWN), the VIP Breakfast Panel that featured Susan Branch, Leigh Standley,  and Kelly Rae Roberts  to name a few. All of it was extraordinary, here is a look at part of the weekend...more to come.....

the weekend begins at registration

rolls of fabric make a unique centerpiece

workshop with Traci Bautista

Traci with a piece of her art

to market, to market

eye catching displays

Leigh Standley aka Curly Girl - such talent and sparkle!

Long time fans of Susan Branch's work, what a pleasure to meet her!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Holding this day in our hearts

For our family this is a day of celebrating the birthday of our daughter, sister, and wife Megan Elizabeth. Meg was born the first grandchild on both sides of the family on Grandparent's Day! She brightens up a room when she enters, she is so many good things rolled into one special young woman. And she is a talented dancer who we have had the pleasure of watching over the years. 

Here she is contemplating something, perhaps where she left her pacifier.

Happy Birthday to our beautiful daughter,

loving wife,

 best friend sister,

devoted doggie mama,

special cuzzie,



dancing queen!!
Happy Birthday Megan, Meg, Meggie, Mego, Omega!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Creative Connection... week and counting!

We are so excited to be attending the 2nd annual Creative Connection in St. Paul, Minnesota next week! We are busy gathering our art journals, inspiration folders, fabrics, and finalizing our itinerary! We look forward to the guest speakers, teachers and meeting new friends!

Are you going?

Friday, September 2, 2011

Goodbye summer...

Happy Labor Day Weekend! Hope all that labor get some relaxing time this weekend. We look forward to cooler weather here (hip hip hooray!), some grilling with family & friends and a little more unpacking in between. 

 Goodbye summer!

Hello September...which means fall is not far away!