Thursday, May 19, 2011

Good-bye 9832

Last night was our final night at our home of almost 22 years. Our daughters both slept over, we had a picnic dinner on the floor and took one last dip in the hot tub! We were all very sentimental looking back over those years. We remembered ~ 
Thanksgivings with a full house and the smells of dinner in the oven, 
Christmases with cookie exchanges and
early Christmas mornings with both girls running down the front stairs to peek under the tree, 
Easter egg hunts in the backyard, birthday parties and graduations. 
When the girls were young there were forts built in creative places, 
schools and restaurants set up in the hallways & bedrooms, 
plays, piano recitals and dance shows performed in the living room. 
As they got older we watched the girls come down those front stairs in prom dresses.
Lots of baking happened in the kitchen so it was only fitting that we had to end it 
by baking one more sheet of chocolate chip cookies in the oven last night!
Swingsets and trampolines and now a hot tub and pond in the backyard, 
many relaxing evenings spent sitting on the patio sipping a glass of wine, 
listening to the waterfall, watching birds of all kinds stop by, enjoying the shade and colors of trees
 that have grown many feet since we first planted them. 
Too many memories...... this old house is almost empty now; along with all of our "stuff" 
we are packing those memories with us and they will remain in our hearts. 

Thank you 9832 for sheltering our family and watching our girls grow up!

Friday, May 13, 2011

A new Krause House

Our new house! We still have a few months to go but here it is from the ground up....

After a huge pecan tree had been taken down

Up go the walls

Wow, I can imagine it now~ I love the blue sky above it!

Family room, future home for our fireplace

The heart of the home, the kitchen & hearth room-my favorite room

More photos to come....

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Did you tune into the Royal Wedding Friday morning?

We all did! We got up at 4am and started watching the coverage. We were well-entertained with all of the hats, dresses, traditions, and of course...the beautiful Princess Bride! 
As we watched, we sipped on some hot tea and nibbled on these delicious cookies:

While watching the Royal Wedding, we caught ourselves remembering our trip to London that we took as a family several years ago...

Best wishes Kate & Will