Monday, January 24, 2011

Why ElizaJane?

Naming our new business was something to ponder during those sleepless hours of the night when our brains were buzzing with to-do lists. We wanted something meaningful to us and fun at the same time. Emily, the daughter, has a sister named Megan. Diana, the mom, decided to combine their middle names Elizabeth and Jane~ ta da, ElizaJane. Megan is the older sister and creative in her own right through dance. She teaches and coaches dance and is one of our biggest supporters. Megan and Emily are close sisters, yet unique in their own personalities and ways. It seemed natural to meld their names to represent our business.

Friday, January 21, 2011

in the dead of winter...

"January brings the snow,
makes our feet and fingers glow."
-Sara Coleridge

January may be our least favorite month of the year, however, we can always find things that we love about the dead of winter...

-we do love some snow, especially if it delivers a snow day like it has the past 2 days!

-the cold temperatures give us all a good reason to start a fire in the fireplace and curl up under a cozy throw with a book or magazine.

-everyone seems to have exhaled after the holidays, calmed down and there is less noise and hustle bustle. 

-the anticipation of what the New Year holds.

-the promise and hope of personal improvements and goals to reach. 

-if you are going to get sick, might as well do it in January when you aren't missing out on too much! :)

-testing and enjoying new soup recipes!

Enjoy the last two weeks of this first month of the year! Stay warm!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Who are we?

ElizaJane...Who Are We?

We are mother, Diana, and daughter, Emily.

We are artist in the process of going after our dream together of creating a small creative business, ElizaJane.

We are students learning everything we can about this creative industry, making mistakes, celebrating small accomplishments (like getting our banner to show up on this blog!) and trying to embrace and enjoy every step along this journey.

We are patient (ok, not 100% of the time) - we know that building a creative business from the ground up will take time, patience and hard work.

We believe the world needs more people that follow the voice inside their heart. It's taken us some time but listening to that voice led us to ElizaJane.

We are stepping outside of our comfort zone (sometimes scary!)

We are thankful for having each other to share this journey.

Feel free to tag along...